Why Aimless is Dangerous

My to-do list is a behemoth, and currently missing. That’s not a big problem, because almost everything on it is utterly trivial. I’m unemployed, trying to juggle writing with starting a business and also doing job applications and planning a trip to South East Asia, and as a result I’m failing at every single one of them.
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Never forget, writing should be fun

I’ve just signed up for a Big Bang challenge. One of my LiveJournal friends runs, it seems like, hundreds of these, and the one I’ve just signed up for is one I suggested a couple of years ago. It’s called Journey Story, and the themes of the stories are, well, journeys. This is the fourth challenge, and I’ve failed at it twice. This time, though, victory will be mine.

I love doing Big Bangs because it’s a nice length for me. Journey Story is 10000 words, although I normally reach up to about 15k, which used to take me about a week to write. How long it will take me this time, I have no idea, but I’ve broken out a new notebook for it.

Fannish writing is still my favourite thing to do. Fanfiction is so many things; it’s a craft you can share despite thousands of miles, it’s getting involved with your favourite show or book even when there will be no more canon, it’s getting to mess about in a story without any actual intentions. It’s magic, in short.

This story has been waiting for a long time. A while back I wrote a story based on a series of prompts, in which Ianto Jones was actually a Timelord called the Archivist who ended up trapped at Torchwood. He fell in love with Jack, of course, and I fell in love with the whole story. I had so many sequels planned… and I’ve not got around to writing any of them. That is about to change, at last, because this story is going to be the one where they go hopping through the universe in search of lost libraries, Jack goes hopping into bed with other people, and Ianto goes running from his own emotions. It makes sense in my head, and now I need to make it make sense on paper, or on screen.

Quite frankly, I just want to go and sit in a pub and write for days.

So you have finished your first draft…

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As with writing a novel, there is no single correct way to edit your book. If you are working with an agent or publisher, they will help you through the process and give you access to invaluable support from creative editors, copy editors, line editors and the like. Life is not so simple for us self-publishing authors. So, having gone through this process once, I thought I’d share my learnings by explaining the process I will use for the sequel to Second Chance. This doesn’t mean it will be the right process for everybody, but hopefully all of you will see at least one or two things that will be of help.

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So you’ve left your manuscript to lie for a few weeks, haven’t you? You haven’t? Then go away and come back in a few weeks.

Stephen King in his book, On Writing, suggests your first act should…

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Timing is Everything

A few days ago I ordered some photos so I could do some scrapbook pages for my stories. Locations, characters, events, that sort of thing. They arrived this morning, and I’d love to get started, except that I’m leaving for a weekend of morris dancing in an hour and a half.

They’ll hav to wait for next week.

What I’m Working On

It’s Summer, so life has turned up to 11. There’s been morris dancing, I’ve joined a gym, I’ve been doing lots of things to do with Creativity In The Box, I’ve had a job interview…

And not done a lot of writing, I have to confess. I’ve been filling page after page in my journals, but in terms of actual fiction there’s not been that much. I have teased out a plot line in Eyes Down, which is what the Bingo story has become. Temporarily, I insist, because that’s a bit… obvious. Continue reading