Getting started

I suppose the 30th of December is an unusual day to start a blog. Surely I should wait two days to join the New Year Resolutions? As it happens I decided to do this about a month ago, but you know what December can be like.

Back in August I moved home to live with my parents to prepare for going and teaching in China (which is why I’m not blogging this under my real name). I was working in a bingo hall at the time, and waiting for my flat to sell before I could go out there. As it happened, I had a minor motorbike accident and had to give up my job, and still haven’t sold the wretched flat. So now I’m sitting around in a town with virtually no work going “what am I going to do with myself”. And then I did National Novel Writing Month and it hit me.

I’ve been writing for a very long time, and doing National Novel Writing Month for nearly as long. I started at just 14 years old, the youngest you could be for it, and I’ve done ten years, although this year marked just my third win. Over the years I’ve written hundreds of thousands of words and created dozens of worlds. Sitting on a dusty hard drive I had two or three almost-finished and abandoned drafts, just waiting for me to love them again. So that’s what I’m doing.

Both the superhero novel and the paranormal romance were NaNoWriMo attempts, one abandoned halfway through and one which reached the 50k mark but got nowhere near finishing the story. One has just been submitted to Lulu’s manuscript analysis for NaNo winners, the other… well, that’s tomorrow’s task. Just me, Aeon Timeline, Storybook 4 and lots of coloured pens to sort out this plot.

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