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Today’s challenge from Zero to Hero was to play around with our About Me pages and rewrite or seriously edit them. I never really liked my About Me page, but I left it because I always hated them. Today I was told I had to do it, and that helped me get 1500 words out on my short story, so it all worked out.

But I did get to it in the end, and I’m not sure what to make of it. I quite like it, but I also think I went a bit weird there. Maybe it was the tea talking.

Whatever it was, I cut out a lot as I was going that I decided to move to later blogs. My PearlTrees account is filling up with scraps of stuff that I want to talk about, and will, once I’ve got the time and more of an idea what I’m actually talking about.

Talking comes very easily to me. Stopping, less so. My official review at my last job was ‘can talk and cook at the same time’. If I’m happy the words just flow. It’s easier for everyone if there’s a pen or computer to hand than if I have to say them out loud. I get very funny looks for some of the things in my head. Case in point, if I hadn’t checked what I’d just pasted, you would have ended up with a link to an article about the Romanian Orthodox 2014 calendar that’s making the rounds.

At least on a blog I have an edit fuction. I can snip things out and save them for later. You can’t do that out loud.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks!
    I just went and read yours and now I want to be back in the Outback. I did a couple of hours horseback goat mustering two years ago, and that was the last time I rode. I miss it.
    I’d like to play with additional pages, too, but I’m very new and have no content yet.

  2. A great thing about a blog is the edit function. Sometimes when I’m talking, I say stuff by mistake and I get weird looks from whose around me, yet I can’t take them back. When blogging, at least I can read whatever I’ve typed before posting, just in case.

  3. I like what you’ve done! I already had an About page, but I read the advice in the 101 and 201 posts and used a bit of both. I didn’t want to drastically lengthen my About page, so I kept it succinct but added some links within the text, as suggested. And I added a whole new page to my blog today as well, when I read the advice in one of the other links. I’m dipping in and out of Zero to Hero, because some days I feel it doesn’t apply to me, but at least it’s making me think every day.

    Good luck with the rest of the challenge!

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