The Liebster Award BadgeThe Liebster Awards are making the rounds, and I’ve been lucky enough to be nominated twice, once by the lovely Flibberatic Skreebles and once by the equally lovely Chris Musgrave – Writer. This means I have two lots of questions to answer, but still only one set of nominations to do, thankfully. The Liebster Awards are intended to get us talking to each other, and the task is to nominated 10 or more blogs with under 300 followers and set them ten questions to answer. If they accept the award, they do the same thing.

A Walk Between Worlds

A writer’s Apprenticeship

Ciara Darren

Life After NaNo

Nuzlog (at LiveJournal, but definitely a favourite)

I Make Stories

Concerning Writing

Ashley Horning

J. T. Glover

Allie’s Notes

And then I had to answer twenty questions:
From The Flibberatic Skreebles

  1. Do you have any scars? If so, how did you get them? I have two diagonal scars on my right wrist, from where my cat objected to the vacuum cleaner.
  2. If you could be any fish, what would you choose and why? (I actually got asked this during a very painful interview.) A Parrot Fish on the Great Barrier Reef
  3. How often do you see your best friend? Very rarely, because we live at opposite ends of the country.
  4. What is your favourite song right now? The Dark Morris song by Steeleye Span, from their new album Wintersmith:
  5. If you could meet anybody else in the world and spend a day with them, who would it be and why? John Barrowman, if I could get over the fangirl nerves. He seems really cool and like a total geek, so it’d be nice to argue DC vs Marvel with him, discuss our favourite Doctors and stuff like that, especially if we can talk about Torchwood
  6. How did you discover your favourite author? It’s Pratchett, and everyone had recommended him to me because I liked Lord of the Rings, but I wasn’t keen on the Swords and Sorcery thing. I gave Lords and Ladies a go because my mum had a copy, and haven’t looked back.
  7. What is your gift to the world? Organisational skills. I balance out my hopeless family.
  8. What prompted your last bout of uncontrollable laughter? My kitten trying to fight both the rainbow stripy sock he’d just run off with and its reflection.
  9. Which fictional character do you most identify with and why? Lestrade in Sherlock.
  10. What or where makes you feel … awe? The night sky, especially the Milky Way. We are infinitesimally small, and yet we’ve achieved so much.

Chris Musgrave set us these:

  1. Do you have an evil laugh and how often do you use it? Yes. I don’t laugh, I cackle, and it is wicked. I use it a lot, and our neighbours probably think I’m up to somehting nefarious.
  2. Do you prefer Sci-fi or fantasy (sub-genres accepted)? Sci fi, probably, although fantasy has many advantages. Both are such open doors, but I’m most interested where they cross over.
  3. Tell me something that you have done which you are particularly proud of.  I lived in Australia for six months, studying abroad. It was a challenge, but one I loved.
  4. Have you ever devised an escape plan in the event your work/school is taken over by a hostile force? Yes. I discussed our Zombie apocalypse plan with my colleagues at my last workplace, but it was a bingo hall so the greatest threat was probably inside.
  5. What is your favourite book/poem and why? Night Watch by PTerry. It’s just perfect in so many ways.
  6. If you could be anything, what would you be? A Rapidash.
  7. Name one thing on your bucket list that you have yet to achieve/experience. Most of it, really. I’ve not even got around to writing it.
  8. What are your thoughts on censorship? Do you think it can ever be justified? I don’t believe that censorship is justified, but I do believe that some people should have a constant (citation needed). Rather than silencing people or ideas, we should be constantly critical of them and demand accuracy and balance.
  9. Who is the one person who can always make you smile? I tend to smile most of the time anyway, but I don’t really have one of those people.
  10. Are you bored of all these questions yet? Fortunately not

And now I have to write ten for my nominees:

  1. What was your first pet?
  2. What is your ideal job?
  3. Are there enough hours in the day?
  4. What is the most obscure book you own? Why do you have it?
  5. What would you like to be able to see from your window?
  6. Where was your best holiday or day out?
  7. Toilet paper, over or under?
  8. What is the one thing you can’t get through the day without?
  9. Describe your mug/teacup.
  10. What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

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