My favoured resources

The Zero to Hero challenge yesterday was to build a blogroll. I’m really loving Zero to Hero because it’s pushing me to do things I would never have thought of before. The blogroll, for instance, is brilliant, but I had no idea what to do with it. I could link all my other sites, or the people I talk to most on here, or…

Or I could compile a list of my most used and favourite writing resources. So I did that.

I picked the sites I did because I visit them daily or because they’re the first place I go when I need a resource. More will probably get added to the list as I develop my techniques and remember how I do things. I’ll probably use something a dozen times before I realise that it should be on this list, and then discover something new and put it on instantly. This, though, is my list as it stands:

  • 750 Words This is a place to do journaling or morning papers, but online. Everything is private, so you can clatter away safely, and it tracks your wordcount, words per minute, number of days in a row you’ve completed your target and number of days you’ve attempted it. It also has analytics built in to assess your mood and what you’re writing about most and how that compares to your baseline, and you can use meta tags to track those as well. The concept comes from the three pages of writing that’s advised to get the day going, and it really does the trick for me, whatever time I try it. I tend to save it for when I’m flagging, then I can spew words and get myself going again better than a shot of caffeine.
  • Cracked It’s a dreadful timesink, but it’s also a brilliant source of useless trivia and amazing inspiration. It’s also a site I’d like to write for, and their submissions process is very beginner friendly, even if publication remains hard.
  • Google Newsstand I’m an Android girl through and through, actually a slave to Google’s Nexus devices. I have a 7 and a 4, and I start my day by flicking through NewsStand for interesting articles to stash away for the rest of the day. Other apps are probably available, but the best ones allow you to store things to read offline later.
  • National Novel Writing Month I’ve said a lot about NaNo already, and I’ve only been here a couple NaNoWriMo Municiapl Liaison iconof weeks. This mammoth challenge rolls around once a year, chewing up tens of thousands of writers and spitting them out again, slightly dazed and with fist draft in shaking hand. The forums are also a brilliant community of writers who can give you advice on just about everything, and even better if you can find a local group to join.
  • PearlTrees I take back everything I ever said about Pinterest, which is easy because I never wrote it down. If you like mind maps to organise your thoughts, this site is amazing. It’s a curation site that allows you to take links, photographs, notes, videos and anything else and stick them in trees. The links to other people aren’t great, but it shines as a solo curation thing. You can have as many trees as you like, all with as many branches and sub branches, so one tree could be a novel, with branches for locations, characters, events and McGuffins. Has an android app and a web picker for easy collection of resources.
  • Taylor Grace’s Resources The one blog on my list (so far), Taylor Grace seems to produce a constant stream of brilliant articles and advice pieces from across the wonderweb. Well worth checking out and following.

It’s a proto-list at the moment, so I’m curious about what you’d recommend should be on it. I’m tempted to put Seventh Sanctum on, but I don’t actually use it myself. Should I be doing?

4 thoughts on “My favoured resources

  1. Nice links! I love Cracked! Definitely agree with the time-sucking aspect, and the desire to write for it!

    I, too, am a NaNo alumni. Have you ever done the July one? Its basically like NaNo in November except there is no imposed word count, only what you decide up-front.

    Also looking forward to perusing 750 Words. Sounds like a very cool thing!

    • Cracked is the best and the worst.
      I have not done the July one. I keep meaning to, but it’s the middle of the morris season so I tend to spend at least one weekend in a field and a few of my evenings in pubs. It’s a terrible thing.

      • And this has prompted a post I may or may not write once I’m home and have feasted on scrambled egg.

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