Any Bandwagon Going

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a sucker for a writing challenge. I love them, will grab them anywhere I can find to the detriment of the previous challenge.

ImageAnd as I was trundling my merry way through the blogosphere, I happened across a blog hop, hosted by Ruth L. Snyder. It runs for twelve weeks, with posting every other week and six tasks to complete. I’m a couple of days behind, as we’re supposed to post on Mondays, but better late than never.

If you’d like to join the blog hop or find more readers who are doing it, click on the image and let it be your guide.

Week one task is:
Personal writing goals for 2014.

My goals are a bit up in the air, actually. I’m supposed to be going out to China to teach English in September. I was supposed to be going out this month, but a combination of errors put that to bed, and now I think I’m booked for September, but I still need to check, finish my application, do the course… It’s a lot of work, and if I go it will kill my writing completely. Full time job, plus marking, in a country I don’t know but want to explore… Yeah right.

So my goals at the moment are to finish off one of my NaNoWriMo novels, get my journalism qualification, finish my teaching course and get out to China, where I will switch to travel writing and aim to get something published in either National Geographic Traveller or in Lonely Planet Traveller. But…

Right now I have enough problems with the fact that one of our kittens is living two hours away from me. My elderly cat is very elderly, as is my sole surviving grandparent, and I’m falling in love with my area and with writing all over again. I’ve just committed myself to writing for a living, or at least trying to. Do I want to jeapordise that by going away? On the other hand, is this my chance to see the world that I’m throwing away?

As you can probably tell, I have many questions and not so many answers. I have just committed to NaNoWriMo’s ‘Now What’ vow:

I did it! I, talented author, pledged to edit and revise my manuscript.

I swore to undertake the unluxurious process of editing the first draft of my novel. I understand that this process can be messy and disheartening, but ultimately just as rewarding as writing it all the first time.

I have replaced all creative implements (pens, pencils, keyboards, touchscreens, quills, and hunks of charcoal) at my workspace with destructive ones (erasers, backspace keys, white-out, and comically large mallets). I will refine and chop sentences, paragraphs, and chapters with impartial ferocity.

Above all, I promised to regard my novel with a critical but not cruel eye, for it is a work of my one-and-only imagination and deserves to be made even better.


I have promised to rework at least one of my NaNo novels, preferably two. I still need to do that journalism course and my teaching course and get the certificates, and I still need to write as much as I possibly can because no one around here will employ me, and if I’m going to get writing rejected it might as well be something I enjoyed writing.

It’s sort of hard to set goals when you don’t know where you are.

8 thoughts on “Any Bandwagon Going

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  3. Hi Alexandra – good to see you on the Blog Hop.
    I did NaNoWriMo in 2008 and ‘She Does Not Fear the Snow’ finally came out last September. I didn’t have confidence in the MSS I started back then and revised it a lot before letting an editor go through it. Best money I ever spent. It was like a totally personalised writing course dealing with what was specifically wrong with my writing.
    The length of time was also due to going to live in Israel for 2 years – I was so busy with work and learning Hebrew and discovering the country that I was hardly able to write at all during that time.
    I’d like to do NaNoWriMo again this year – you end up with a great skeleton to build on.

  4. Alexandra, we’re glad you’ve joined the blog hop πŸ™‚ You do indeed have some interesting choices ahead of you. You’ll have to let us know how it all works out for you. I’ve found that if I’m willing to follow God, things always work out way better than if I insist on doing things my way. I’m excited to see where we’re all at next year πŸ™‚

  5. Hi (is it Alexandra?) Great to have you on board. Is your blog intentionally anonymous? If not, would you consider putting your name near the top? Readers have a difficult time connecting with what is going on in someone’s life if they don’t at least know the person’s name. You have some interesting choices to make, but at least you’re choosing between good things (traveling and experiencing new cultures) and good things (being near the ones you love and focusing on writing). As someone who’s been married for 18 years and has 3 kids, my advice to you would be to at least strongly consider the travel – the other things you can do later, but adventures like that become more difficult later in life. Best wishes on whatever you decide!

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