Day 2 of rewriting

Words written: 3333
TV shows watched: 3, ish?
Books read: None, but I’m about to settle down with A Novel In A Year.

I did not make it to the library, because my darling Tybalt allowed me a whole 5 hours of sleep, and then went completely bonkers for the morning when I was home alone, so I stayed to keep an eye on him and make sure he didn’t do too much damage and then I was too tired (read lazy) to do the hour’s walk for the sake of a couple of hours in the library.

Instead I settled down at the kitchen table, crammed on my enormous pink headphones and got out the first chapter of the ghostly romance, which really needs a better name. I was hoping for more words, but I’ll settle for liking the ones I have.

2 thoughts on “Day 2 of rewriting

  1. “I was hoping for more words, but I’ll settle for liking the ones I have”

    I love this quote! It’s so indicative of the daily struggle between writing a lot and writing well that most writers go through. This is where I am right now, as well. Some days I feel like my novel will never be finished. Other days, I just want my novel to be finished. Either way, I’m moving forward…I’m working hard and I’m loving every step of the process. I hope you are, as well. 😀

    • I’m fortunate in that I usually love the words when I’m writing them, and when I don’t I’m aware they’re trash and just enjoy the process. It’s only in retrospect that I can discover that I had that completely the wrong way around.

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