Day 3 of rewriting

Words: 1692
Books read: None
Books borrowed from library: 4
TV shows watched: 2
Telephone surveys done: 1
Ladies who lunch: 4
Level of fail: Moderate

Today was a frustrating day. I went for lunch with my mum and a couple of her friends, where I picked up some great story ideas and had a generally lovely time. Got back and tried to start writing but then my dad got home, we had dinner. When I went back to it, my dad decided to wander back into the kitchen and put the TV on, whilst I was trying to work. And my request for them to tell me when they were out of there clearly fell on deaf ears, so I’ve finished off the chapter and called it a day.

It’s going to need serious editing, compared to yesterday, but it was a bit of a bridging chapter, I think. Possibly not, it might actually have been pivotal and need total rewriting. Who can tell? Certainly not me.

Tomorrow I get the house to myself, so I may actually get a blog entry written. That would be odd.

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