Day 4 of rewriting

Words written: 2820
Words added to story: 1135
Words deleted: 1685
Desire to cry: High
Hours left in the day: One, after morris practice
Level of fail: Don’t even go there.

At least I amuse myself. I was right about yesterday’s session, too, in that it all had to go. Apparently I work well by writing utter crap one day and then rewriting it the next. As a result, I’m going to scribble the next chapter by hand this evening, somehow. If I can find the time.

I did do another entry for the Mills and Boon #temptedtowrite competition, which I quite liked. We had to introduce our heroine, and I had no idea who she was apart from the fact that she works at a stately home as a guide. Now I know quite a lot about her, and she’s clammering to be let out. That didn’t contribute to my failure to write, though. All I can blame for that is a complete inability to sit down and get on with it.

I wrote those 2820 words in 6 15 minute sprints, and I was ‘working’ all day. If I’d actually been working all day, I should have got at least twice that out before lunch. I keep saying that tomorrow will be better, but it really has to be. It can’t be worse.

On the plus side, dinner was good.

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