Day 5 of rewriting

Words written: 4369
Books read: None
Best article read: A ghost ship crewed by cannibal rats is somewhere in the Atlantic
Rejections received: One
Success in reaching Manchester: No
Phrase of the day: Tybalt, please don’t do that.

He’s got a new trick. He bounces up to the edge of the work surface, hangs on for a look around and then drops back down. Or he bounces up, hangs there to retrieve a pen and then chases it around the kitchen. If you put it back on the counter he’ll go back and get it. Very cute, but far too distracting. My mother is minding him tomorrow and I’m going to the library. I have been saying that for a week, though. She might be out staring at exams again, now I’ve said that.

Ho hum.

Story is progressing, at least. I think I need to restructure the next section, which I’m going to have a go at now whilst I am sleepy and dozy. Then I can scrap it all first thing in the morning, rather than scrapping what I wrote today.

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