On the Magic of Post-Its

Yesterday we went to Lidl, and I discovered, quite by accident, that they had boxes of Post-It notes in their weekly special. 950 notes for £1.79!

A selection of different types of Post-It note

My Lidl haul

They came in a little plastic box like a treasure chest, too, and I am tempted to wrap it and make it snazzy and cool.

I am a bit of a hoarder of stationery. Post-Its of all shapes, sizes and colours, particularly pink, more pens than I could use in a lifetime, and even a trigonometry set because they’re useful for doing geometric designs. If you ever need to organise all the pens in the world, a cheap cutlery tray is an excellent option. Just putting that out there.

What passes for organised.

What passes for organised.

I am, however, really, really bad at using them. I’ve got no coherent system, I lose them faster than should be possible for such alarming shades, and I never actually write down what I need to know on them. Once upon a time I had a poster of Jack Harkness, which they stuck to far better than they did to the wall, but he is now rolled up in a corner and I am beset by falling pieces of paper.

In an attempt to get some order and post-it goodness into my life, I took the second smallest ones to the notebook I’d been using as a journal and story idea repository. There is now a veritable forest of flicky notes sticking out of the notebook – not the brightest idea, as it’s one of those with elastic around it, so they need moving onto the side. It’s a start, though, and I like it.

How do you use post-it notes? What can I attach these amazing pieces of paper to to make my life more organised?

Why is my cat looking worried?

6 thoughts on “On the Magic of Post-Its

  1. If I need to remember something of critical importance, I write it on a post it and stick it to my phone. Because my phone is my fifth limb, so I never leave the house without it and therefore can’t forget the unforgettable. Sad, I know.

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