Links of Wonder – 08.02.14

I’ve never done one of these before, so I’ve had a lot of links to sort through and discard or keep. That’s why I’m doing my Friday linkdump on Saturday.

Join me below the cut for articles about Emeralds, organisations strategies, pictures of massive waves and lots of free books.

From a friend on Facebook, I got this article about the Great Forgetting, which happened when we settled down from a hunter-gatherer society to an agrarian one. On the same subject, here’s another article that explains why beer may have driven the agricultural revolution.

For more historical goodness, how about a link to masses of free history ebooks? And going even further back, I promised The Flibberatic Skreebles this link about new (old) discoveries of dinosaurs in museum drawers.

A wave crashes over the headland, towering over the town in the harbour.

Britain is having some serious weather. This in Cornwall.

I’ve just delved into IFTTT, which is a free ‘if this then that’ service to help make all the different services we use work smoothly together. It doesn’t have all the tools I use, and some of the ‘recipes’ seem irrelevant (like the one that publishes WordPress posts to Twitter for you), but there are some gems in there.

I’m also trying out the Bullet Journal method, although thanks to the ribbon bookmark in my journal and my cat I don’t get a lot done yet. Working on it, though. 99U also posted mini essay about the importance of a daily prioritisation meeting and regular checks to keep yourself on track. I need to do this. There’s also this useful infographic on improving your organisation, from

Galaxies spread across the darkness of space,

Wikipedia had this as their image of the day on the 6th. The Hubble Extreme Deep Field image of space in the constellation Fornax, courtesy of NASA.

Random information
Because who doesn’t like random information? Especially because most of my blog is about writing, here are some things that may, one day, come in useful.
Even if you don’t need if for a story, you may need to know how to survive the apocalypse with things you found in your kitchen, thanks to LifeHacker, or need to know how much it would cost to hire a hitman. There’s a list of 10 awesome jobs to make your job hunt look boring and your characters interesting or a history of emeralds.

We’re living in the future already, but Curbed this week linked a set of photos of state of the art houses from 1939, if you want to know what the future looked like.

And for anything not covered in there, you might want textbooks with cheap student passes. I really miss having access to an academic library.

Cartoon by AZilliondollarcomics

Links for writing
LifeHacker had this article about the value of a new ideas document so you can procrastinate without guilt. And a new magazine called Scratch has been launched to help working writers.

If you’re looking for space to write, you might consider a tiny house on wheels, prices starting at Ā£6500, or take yourself down to London’s first cat cafe. If you want inspiration, maybe one of these amazing bookshops will provide it.

The Flibberatic Skreebles linked me to Bureau Direct, who have this amazing hamper, either because he’s marvellous or because he’s evil. Jury’s still out, but I can see a couple of my friends getting that hamper.

There’s a push to help fans of colour participate in conventions, called Con or Bust which has some great stuff in their charity auction.

And did I say free books? The Campbellian Anthology contains representative works from most of the authors eligible for the John W Campbell Award for best new writer, which is awarded at WorldCon each year (London this August!). It’s over 860000 words (yes, I checked the number of zeroes) and it’s both DRM-free and just free.

5 thoughts on “Links of Wonder – 08.02.14

  1. I am both evil *and* marvellous. (And ‘my’ link to the museum article actually links to the same invention of beer article that you mentioned previously šŸ˜‰ )

      • Thank you for the fix! šŸ™‚

        Is there any use in me shouting “Plesiosaurs weren’t dinosaurs!”? Probably not. But very cool article regardless – and I totally agree: undoubtedly there are many new finds to be, er, found languishing in drawers!

      • There really are. They discovered a new species of tapir in the Amazon recently. And then they realised that there was already one in the Natural History Museum in Washington, because a former US president shot one on a holiday.

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