Links of Wonder, 14.02.14

Image heavy this week, and the ubiquitous LifeHacker post. For the whole thing in another format, visit me at Storify, who I will not be asking to export my stories again.
So, if you’re sitting comfortably, let us begin.
How beautiful is this picture of Merida, from Disney’s Brave? Heather Theure has done a range of Disney princesses as oil paintings.
And on a similar theme, this may be the most amazing cosplay I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot. “Whoa, check out this Elsa from Frozen cosplay.”
A young lady from Long Island has recreated Elsa’s gown, and it’s just … insane. According to her tumblr, she spent about 200 hours working on it, and the dress is embellished with 100,000+ rhinestones. You can read about her process more in-depth here.
I love this steampunk pendant! Best thing is that it’s a 32gb memory stick as well.
Flash fiction competition open to US residents

7 Strategies and 110 Tools to Help Indie Authors Find Readers and Reviewers

Self-publishing is growing, and with it come new resources. One of the biggest hurdles of being an indie author is finding readers and getting reviews (which helps find more readers). Some people may still consider self-publishing a stigma, and some writers may think that promotion takes away too much time from writing.

Useful reminder that women make up half the population of the planet, but not according to the media. Timeline Photos – Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media | Facebook

Remember! Every month is Add Female Characters Month. Here’s some quick, easy and fun tips for boosting your female quotient.

Want to Contribute to Lifehacker?

Sharing your inspiration is half the fun and here at Lifehacker, we absolutely adore seeing what kinds of clever ideas you’ve come up with. So if you’ve ever wanted to contribute, here are some ways of making that happen.

WikiExplorer Creates Wikipedia Reading Lists, Finds Local Articles

Android: Wikipedia’s Android app is pretty good, it’s pretty bare bones and the interface hasn’t been updated in a while. WikiExplorer improves on the basic functionality and makes reading Wikipedia an enjoyable and useful experience. One of the most standout features is the ability to create reading lists.
If you’re in the UK, you need to know about this. If it happens, I’m screwed, basically, and so are most of my generation.

IMPORTANT: UK Student Loans to be sold off

welookoutuponthesea: faysbook: xmakina: If you are still paying back a student loan that you took out in 1998 or after, then you’re in for a nasty shock. George Osborne has confirmed that the government is committed to selling off student loans taken out from 1998-2012 to private companies.
For sites that helped inspire my bedroffice redesign

Top 10 DIY Office Upgrades

So maybe your workspace isn’t a cluttered mess, but maybe it just isn’t the haven of productivity you wish it was. If you’re looking to upgrade from your modest laptop on a desk to something more impressive, here are 10 cheap DIY upgrades to make it a battlestation worthy of your time.

Home design and decorating ideas to get inspired and get expert tips

Take the guesswork out of interior decorating and design! Browse Homestyler to get amazing home remodeling and decor ideas along with expert tips to get started. Explore how furniture and appliances from well-known brands fit in your own bedroom, bathroom, living room or kitchen with the 3D Floor Planner.

Start an Online Business – Build A Business Competition by Shopify.

Shopify has teamed up with ten world-class entrepreneurs to help you create a million-dollar business in just months. Sign up for Shopify today.
The UK is pretty scary right now, although Yorkshire is currently surprisingly dry. I hope everyone reading this has been as lucky, wherever you are in the world.

Severe flood warnings for Thames

Fourteen severe flood warnings have been issued along the River Thames in Berkshire and Surrey amid concern that people and property are at risk. The Environment Agency is also warning of rising water in the Somerset Levels, and there are flood fears in Worcester.
And then I got distracted by too many pretty pictures. Because no matter what the world throws at us, it’s always beautiful.

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