Things of exciting terror

Saturday, status update day. I’m a long way behind on my reading and haven’t done much blogging, not because I’m not been in the mood but because I’ve not been on the right computer. I have two, one of which is geriatric, battered by travel and microscopic, but portable. That’s the one I’ve been using all week, busy setting up a business, planning a two month trip to South East Asia, cleaning out a bedroom so we can do some massive redecorating, and watching my cat use the toilet.Cat training
We’ll start with that last one, shall we? My mum had the brilliant idea of teaching our cats to use the toilet instead of the litter tray. This means that she and the cat have trained me to come when called and give him biscuits. It also means that pretty much every night I have to wait for him to use the toilet, and then watch him try to bury the water and fall in.

Every cloud, and all that.

Having come up with a brilliant plan to redesign my bedroom, I somehow agreed that we need to finish her bedroom first. Being that sort of proactive person, I then dragged her into the intended room and cracked on with sorting it out. Turns out there were massive piles of things that needed to be thrown away and things we just didn’t need in there, so now we’re looking at doing a tabletop sale because it’s February in Calderdale and if we try doing a car boot sale it’ll probably rain.

This means that I’ve spent quite a lot of the week with swollen, streaming eyes and sneezing, because there was also a lot of dust.

Starting a business
The last half of the week was mostly spent terrified and flustering, after I put in my first stock order on Wednesday evening. I have the beginnings of a stationery hamper business. Well, I have ordered the first part of the first trial run of a stationery hamper business.

It’s all so pretty, and I’m not actually sure this is a good idea because I’ll be like Bernard Black and won’t want to let any of it go. I can’t really do anything more towards it until my flat sale goes through, but once it does I get to fill my house with stationery (and then empty it again, hopefully).

This means I get to go to the London Stationery Show. This and Ikea are very exciting to me.

Going to Thailand
Really. Don’t ever let me on the internet.

I had arranged to go on a 6 month TEFL internship in China in Septmber, but with one thing and another that didn’t seem like such a good idea any more. And then I watched the Hairy Bikers in Bangkok, and looked at other courses the same company offer, and over the space of a couple of days ended up with a plan to spend two months crossing from Bangkok to Hanoi. There is never going to be a better time for me to travel – I’m 23, single, about to have money, and don’t have an employer who’ll want me to not disappear out of the country for two months. I am my employer, and if I bring back soem pretty things I’m sure I can persuade myself it was a business trip.

So yes. I think I should blog more, because I have brilliant but slightly scary ideas when I disappear for a few days.

5 thoughts on “Things of exciting terror

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  2. I’m loving the stationary hamper idea. I have a slight (huge) addiction when it comes to stationery. Let me know when it’s up and running and we can talk business.

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