A Creature of Changing Habits

Having not wanted to write by hand at all for years, I’ve suddenly switched back to it. This is partly because I’ve been cut off from a keyboard for so long, and partly because I’ve been diving into stationery in a big way for my fledgling business.

I was down at the London Stationery Show at the start of this month and picked up a few notebooks and pens to try out. The notebooks aren’t that exciting, although I do like my teeny mini bright pink notebook for shopping lists, but two of the pens have taken over my life. My pencil case bulges with fineliners and biros in a million colours, and yet every time I reach for the same two Pentels, one a Tradio in blue and one a Slicci in pink. They’re both 0.7mm ballpens, which I’ve never liked before, but now I love them.

DSCF4101To go with them, I’ve been shopping a bit. I wrote to some of my friends whilst I couldn’t Facebook them on some gorgeous Japanese writing paper, and dragged out some of my ridiculous collection of notebooks. I’ve also added to it, of course, with not one but two of these gorgeous notebooks. It’s between A5 and A4 in size, and the colour doesn’t come across in the photo because it’s a lovely bright blue with gold embossing. The brand is Eccolo World Traveller, and I’ve already got an A5 one. Lovely tactile paper, acid free to boot, and the covers are just so strokable. Best of all, they open flat.

DSCF4097The unfortunate thing about it is that my supplier seems to
have run out. I get them from TK Maxx – surprisingly good for stationery and storage solutions, if you’re ever in the mood for something gorgeous and different. I love shopping there because you never know what they’ll have in, but unfortunately it’s a pain in the backside for the same reasons. I cottoned on too late to their Eccolo collection, and only managed to grab the three before the next season stock came in. The new paper isn’t as nice, it’s bright white instead of cream and not as nice to touch, but you never know what’s going to be in their next delivery. Unfortunately, I no longer have a store with a huge stationery department half an hour’s walk away, so instead I’m stocking up when I can get there. Today was my last trip until I go over to Leeds, so I stocked up on the gorgeous butterfly storage box, another set of letter paper and the notebook above. Now I just need to start filling them.

10 thoughts on “A Creature of Changing Habits

  1. We’ve had the Bureau Direct conversation before, right??

    And hurrah for the London Stationery Show! It was on my list and then I complete forgot about it. I think I’d enjoy it a little too much – although I’m more of a notebook hoarder then a pen-and-ink-er.

    • We have, and they keep emailing me with pretty, lovely things as a result.

      I’m more of a ntoebook girl, too. The LSS wasn’t bad for them, but better for pens. I did get the opportunity to lust over Peter Pauper Press and collect their price list, and now I just need to find a stockist closer than Skipton… or go to Skipton.

      • Yeah, I did get the impression that it was more pen-and-ink oriented.

        Were they handing out freebies of anything?

      • A fair few freebies. I came back with a weekly organiser pad, three notebooks and a bag full of pens, most of them in pink and purple for some reason. I think I’m going to have to go to the Gift Show in November.

      • A big trade show at the NEC in October/November time. It’s when everyone gets their Christmas offerings sorted out, by the looks of it.

  2. One of my biggest problems with the two notebooks I use lately is that they don’t properly open flat. They sort of do, but as I’ve been writing I’ve noticed the first couple bunches of pages want to come unbound. That’s not supposed to happen, right?

    • It’s not supposed to, but I have that problem a lot too. There’s a specific type of binding that lets them open flat like that, and I can’t remember what it’s called. There’s also surprisingly little stuff marketed with specifics like that. Is it too much to ask for a site that lets you choose notebooks by cover colour, size, binding, paper colour, acidity, lined-ness and number of pages?

      • Right? I was so annoyed that the most recent one I picked up didn’t have a page count. I’ve since determined it’s at least 300.

        I just want handsome books that I can easily write on without my gel ink smearing all over the place. I’ve been very lucky in that respect with my last ones.

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