The nice thing about pen and paper is that they work

This morning I had my bi-weekly writing group in town, where I showed off just how little I’d got done in the intervening fortnight, but did scribble down a new idea for a novel about an allotment.

Then I came home and fought some more with my new computer. It… doesn’t want to install Windows 7. This seems to be a fairly common problem, judging by the number of results when you search for “Windows 7 hangs at startup screen during clean install”. (About 17 and a half million, if you’re curious, but I didn’t get beyond the first page of people having the same problem as me to see if they were all relevant.) As far as I can tell, Windows have said nothing on the subject. People seem to have solved the problem by swapping out their power supply, RAM cards, hard drives, all USB attachments and video cards, to find the culprit. I do not have the components available to do that, and as it was delivered yesterday, I don’t feel I should have to.

So I am going to have to get them to take it back, and ask that they check that Windows 7 will install on it. I do have another computer, but it doesn’t run Sims. This makes me a very sad panda.

Tomorrow, though, I am going to watch morris dancing, so I might have to set my mother on them. That’s always fun, and gets the job done.

2 thoughts on “The nice thing about pen and paper is that they work

    • It came without. I wanted 7 specifically because it supports more games, and they didn’t offer that option, so I thought I could at least manage that bit. Lol, nope.

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