Scrapbooking Novels

I’ve had a fun evening putting together a couple of scrapbook pages, and it got me thinking. If I were to do one for my novels, which I will now I’ve thought of it, what would be on them?

The current novel would have stuff about WW2-era starlets, bingo, Art Deco, cocktails and London apartments. The other one would have beer and cider, ghosts and students, pubs and the history of York. My longest running story, and fanfiction that Will Not End, would need several pages of London and Cardiff and Weddings and the Doctor and long distance conversations.

What would be in your story’s scrapbook, or your character’s journal? Should we do an exchange of scrapbook pages?

3 thoughts on “Scrapbooking Novels

  1. What a great idea!

    And physical aspect aside – isn’t that sort of what Pinterest is for? If you’re thinking of doing some kind of sharing, then how about using something like Smilebox?

    • I did have Pinterest boards of my novels (and PearlTrees, but they just broke that), but they limit the number of private boards you can have. Smilebox I am not familiar with, but I will investigate.

      There’s just something so lovely about sticking all your novel research to the kitchen table by accident.

      • LOL I once stitched a Christmas ornament to my school trousers …

        I don’t use Pinterest so can’t comment, and Smilebox I picked because it has a sharing option (I think). Although there is something quite … atavistic and satisfying about doing things ‘longhand’!

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