Lexy Needham is a writer from the heart of the South Pennines. West Yorkshire born and bred, her stories and attitude to life are rooted in the community, industrial history and wildlife she’s grown up surrounded by. She tells tales of kindness, connection and change.

By day, Lexy is a data analyst and professional nerd, and by night she’s a writer, cricket fan, cat person and amateur nerd. When she gets the time she plays video games and occasionally manages to take something off her towering to-be-read pile.

Lexy at home.

11 thoughts on “Birography

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  2. Thanks so much for stopping by and following my blog! I am also trying to go from writing for fun to writing for work, so hopefully this blogging thing will be the catalyst we both need.

  3. I’m just putting this out there … Morris dancing scares me. I find it quite sinister. But that’s just me.

    I remember one of my first stories – about a creature called a “dargon” (not a dragon at all – honest) living under my street and coming out of the sewer. What a jolly child I must’ve been!

    • It used to scare me, which was a bit awkward. Some of them still do.

      Children are the best at coming up with strange and scary things. It’s possibly because they are strange and slightly scary.

      • That they are. But also unfettered and unencumbered by too many years of people saying “Don’t do that … You can’t write that … You mustn’t … No, do it like this …”

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