What I’m Working On

It’s Summer, so life has turned up to 11. There’s been morris dancing, I’ve joined a gym, I’ve been doing lots of things to do with Creativity In The Box, I’ve had a job interview…

And not done a lot of writing, I have to confess. I’ve been filling page after page in my journals, but in terms of actual fiction there’s not been that much. I have teased out a plot line in Eyes Down, which is what the Bingo story has become. Temporarily, I insist, because that’s a bit… obvious. Continue reading

Of course, there’s a disadvantage with pen and paper

I had a stack of notes, a page for the overall story arc, a page for each section, and a few pages of characters. Loose sheets for sticking to walls when I needed them.
Had is the operative word here.

I also had a pint of squash, but when the pair came together across the kitchen table I lost both. When I write on my computer, I save to my external hard drive and to Google Drive in the same action. I should back up more, but the only computer problems I’ve actually had have been losing small backups (I have memory sticks everywhere, but never the one I need) and just not having computer access. It’s a lot harder to put down a computer and forget where you left it, or spill a pint of liquid over it.

Rule 1: Backup. And then backup again.
Rule 2: Backup some more.

I should know this. The last ten years have been the sort of years where losing my work would be a Very Bad Thing. GCSEs, A levels, degree, ten years of NaNoWriMo, living overseas for six months, really not a good time to lose things irretrievably. So all my work stuff is in one attaché case, the journal I keep my notes in, my business plan, even my passport.

Yeah. I’ll just, um… Go and fix that. And get out a really big piece of paper to redo all my plot notes.

What I’ve Been Doing

I’ve been a very busy girl. A very busy and slightly nervous girl. A couple of months ago, I blogged about starting a business. I’ve mentioned it a few times since then, but everything was waiting on the flat sale. The flat sale went through a couple of weeks ago, and as a result everything has started trundling again. As a result, I am now bursting onto the internet like a sparkler. Continue reading

So it begins. Again.

It’s been a long and winding road, but we’ve finally got there. I no longer own a flat, but I do own the remnants of a cake and a beautiful, shiny new laptop.

There is little more terrifying than an inbox with over 6000 messages in it, but little more refreshing than that same inbox with no unread messages in it. I am already well familiar with the delete key, but less familiar with what’s been going on in the intervening period. I’m not even sure how long I’ve been away now. Clearly, I am not actually doing A to Z, and nor am I doing Camp NaNo this time.  Continue reading

Morris dancing!

It’s Friday, but link-dump coding is beyond my abilities with a touchpad. I used to do all sorts of coding, but I had everything I really needed saved in a document ready for use. Ho hum. Anyway.

So yes, the issues are continuing. As a break from tidying and bashing my head against my buyers’ solicitors, we’re going over to Leeds to watch the Dancing England Rapper Tournament. It’s the national competition for a style of sword dancing from the North East of England, and it’s absolutely amazing.


Things of exciting terror

Saturday, status update day. I’m a long way behind on my reading and haven’t done much blogging, not because I’m not been in the mood but because I’ve not been on the right computer. I have two, one of which is geriatric, battered by travel and microscopic, but portable. That’s the one I’ve been using all week, busy setting up a business, planning a two month trip to South East Asia, cleaning out a bedroom so we can do some massive redecorating, and watching my cat use the toilet. Continue reading

Plans Develop


Today I went for my writing group in town, and then to the far end of the valley for a drop in season on starting a business. The two were connected, loosely, and next week is going up with business related appointments.

I’m hoping that by the end of next week I’ll have exciting news, and more progress on my stories, which have gone by the wayside somewhat.

In the meantime,  tomorrow is my mum’s birthday celebration day out, because the market she wants to visit is shut on Sunday. I probably won’t get a lot done for the next couple of days, as a result, but what’s new?