Of course, there’s a disadvantage with pen and paper

I had a stack of notes, a page for the overall story arc, a page for each section, and a few pages of characters. Loose sheets for sticking to walls when I needed them.
Had is the operative word here.

I also had a pint of squash, but when the pair came together across the kitchen table I lost both. When I write on my computer, I save to my external hard drive and to Google Drive in the same action. I should back up more, but the only computer problems I’ve actually had have been losing small backups (I have memory sticks everywhere, but never the one I need) and just not having computer access. It’s a lot harder to put down a computer and forget where you left it, or spill a pint of liquid over it.

Rule 1: Backup. And then backup again.
Rule 2: Backup some more.

I should know this. The last ten years have been the sort of years where losing my work would be a Very Bad Thing. GCSEs, A levels, degree, ten years of NaNoWriMo, living overseas for six months, really not a good time to lose things irretrievably. So all my work stuff is in one attaché case, the journal I keep my notes in, my business plan, even my passport.

Yeah. I’ll just, um… Go and fix that. And get out a really big piece of paper to redo all my plot notes.

What I’ve Been Doing

I’ve been a very busy girl. A very busy and slightly nervous girl. A couple of months ago, I blogged about starting a business. I’ve mentioned it a few times since then, but everything was waiting on the flat sale. The flat sale went through a couple of weeks ago, and as a result everything has started trundling again. As a result, I am now bursting onto the internet like a sparkler. Continue reading

Roundup of the day


  • Put all my story data for The Ghost and the Hart into StoryBook
  • Plan my short story for TemptedToWrite
  • Go through my feedback on Fill The Teapot and make edits
  • Do a critique on Scribophile.
  • As you can see, that went well. I did, however, figure out the plot of a story possibly for Aphrodite Terra, and gave up on StoryBook because my computer set-up just doesn’t allow me to use it for long periods of time.

    This leaves a plan for tomorrow of:

  • Attack the kitchen table with post-it notes to sort out the three plots above
  • Do a couple of job applications
  • Write many words
  • We shall see