It’s My Tenth Birthday!

Obviously not my actual tenth birthday. I’d have extremely good syntax for that age, apart from anything else. Today is my tenth birthday as a writer and reader of fanfiction. It was on this day that I got my account on and tumbled down the rabbithole. You do a lot of growing up in ten years. To celebrate that milestones, I thought it’d be appropriate to make a list of my top ten favourite things about fanfiction, and what’s kept me coming back year after year after year. Continue reading

Sims and fanfiction

So, I’ve been quiet the last couple of days, and I’m behind on Zero to Hero, because a cold has taken residence in my head and kicked my brain out to make more room for it. It hurts to think, when I can think at all, and that’s not been conducive to any of my plans. I did make a start on my TEFL qualification, but anything that involves writing takes twice as long because my typing has gone to pot, even more than usual.

So I sat down and played Sims instead, called it a half duvet day. Continue reading