Week 2 of Rewriting


Pretend there were some updates in there somewhere.
Not much writing done, as I slammed into the problem of realising that I didn’t actually know my characters all that well. I also got sucked into research, which is a dangerous thing if you go to the internet instead of the library. I mean, at least the library closes! Got going again thanks to some amazing help from The Flibberatic Skreebles who read over my first chapters and gave me some awesome feedback. Continue reading

Day 6 of Rewriting


Words written: Uncounted, all handwritten. Story direction redrafted, though.
Books read: Finished A Novel In A Year, now on to How To Write Science Fiction and Fantasy (and Second Best Husband)
Level of fail: Getting to the library at 20 past 9 and discovering it doesn’t open until 10. Getting into the library a bit after 10 and discovering that it doesn’t have public access to plug sockets. Getting in touch with my mum and discovering that she didn’t check her phone until she got home, so she won’t be able to pick me up for 3 hours.

We’ll call that ‘please can I go to bed and pretend I never left it?’