Things of exciting terror

Saturday, status update day. I’m a long way behind on my reading and haven’t done much blogging, not because I’m not been in the mood but because I’ve not been on the right computer. I have two, one of which is geriatric, battered by travel and microscopic, but portable. That’s the one I’ve been using all week, busy setting up a business, planning a two month trip to South East Asia, cleaning out a bedroom so we can do some massive redecorating, and watching my cat use the toilet. Continue reading

Plans Develop


Today I went for my writing group in town, and then to the far end of the valley for a drop in season on starting a business. The two were connected, loosely, and next week is going up with business related appointments.

I’m hoping that by the end of next week I’ll have exciting news, and more progress on my stories, which have gone by the wayside somewhat.

In the meantime,  tomorrow is my mum’s birthday celebration day out, because the market she wants to visit is shut on Sunday. I probably won’t get a lot done for the next couple of days, as a result, but what’s new?