Why Aimless is Dangerous

My to-do list is a behemoth, and currently missing. That’s not a big problem, because almost everything on it is utterly trivial. I’m unemployed, trying to juggle writing with starting a business and also doing job applications and planning a trip to South East Asia, and as a result I’m failing at every single one of them.
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Sweat the Small Stuff

I am, first and foremost, a fanfiction writer.  Even when I’m writing original fiction, it’s usually fanfiction of a larger work I’ve not got round to writing yet. The thrill of fanfic, for me, is finding the spaces within the story and filling them. It’s a bit like going on holiday, and wandering the back streets and drinking in bars where they don’t speak English rather than sticking to the tourist trail. The main plot is important, but behind the scenes I can find my own story.

Perhaps because of this, I am a bit anal about my details. Not completely, not to the level of my brother, who once made detailed notes about the real-world weather for each event in his novel and never got around to writing it. But I check routes on Google Maps, research fashion and technology to avoid anachronisms, and build my houses on Sims so I know exactly what I’m looking at. BBC, please take note. (This post will contain spoilers for Doctor Who and Torchwood, and as much of Happy Valley as I gleaned from the promotional material)

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It’s My Tenth Birthday!

Obviously not my actual tenth birthday. I’d have extremely good syntax for that age, apart from anything else. Today is my tenth birthday as a writer and reader of fanfiction. It was on this day that I got my account on fanfiction.net and tumbled down the rabbithole. You do a lot of growing up in ten years. To celebrate that milestones, I thought it’d be appropriate to make a list of my top ten favourite things about fanfiction, and what’s kept me coming back year after year after year. Continue reading

NaNoWriMo comes but once a year

I went away for the weekend to a lovely morris festival in Cambridgeshire (more on that later), and came back to two days of emails and blog entries to read, an internet that had exploded with Sherlock spoilers and then the actual show, and the worrying revelation that my mother had tidied my bedroom. It’s taken me a day to get through these things, especially as I had to give over a lot of yesterday to fighting with my imminent deadline. As a result, it was only this morning, when I sat down with a cup of tea and a cat, that I checked out the Zero to Hero challenges I’d missed.

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Sims and fanfiction

So, I’ve been quiet the last couple of days, and I’m behind on Zero to Hero, because a cold has taken residence in my head and kicked my brain out to make more room for it. It hurts to think, when I can think at all, and that’s not been conducive to any of my plans. I did make a start on my TEFL qualification, but anything that involves writing takes twice as long because my typing has gone to pot, even more than usual.

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