Never moving house ever again

I normally clear my emails out every day, but I do that on my computer because my tablet isn’t really big enough for mass deletes as are often required. As a result, there are over 800 emails in one of my inboxes, and that one tends to be the smallest of the four. (Yes, four). Continue reading

On the breeding habits of junk

Operation ‘get those wasps out of my bedroom with extra swear words!’ has sort of ground to a halt. We’ve been sorting through the empty bedroom, because it’s actually full of stuff we never look at and need to get rid of, and have a couple of people interested in taking it for car boot sales. Unfortunately, the stuff seems to have multiplied to fill the room, so we have nowhere to tidy to. This means I can’t sort through my bedroom, so I still can’t get to my computer and can’t get to the floor to get at the wasps. 

Oh, and we’ve still not completed on my flat sale.

So yes, computer access is limited at the moment, hence very little writing and even less blogging. I’m back to pen and paper, which is not great for getting things online, but is actually easier for using pretty colours. The business is trundling towards its launch, and whilst trying to empty the house of some stuff I’m accidentally filling it with other stuff.

See you on the other side of this mountain of Things.