Blowing Off The Cobwebs

It seems somewhat ironic that my last blog post was about how being aimless is dangerous to productivity. I would have sworn it was only a couple of years ago, but apparently it was 7. Clearly I never found that to-do list again.

2021 seems like the time to get back on the horse, but also a strange time to be doing a retrospective. After a year of enforced strangeness, we’re finally starting to creep back to normality and either going back to how things were or trying to start afresh. Personally, I’m hoping to try something a bit different to before. Lockdown brought with it so many opportunities and a different way of living that I’m reluctant to give up now.

At the time of my last blog entry I was looking for a job, but also looking at an office for self-employment, planning a trip to South East Asia and discovering the joys of RPF. I had an amazing trip, did get the office but barely ever used it, and ended up back in full time work a year later. That set me off on a somewhat unexpected journey – I started in customer service and moved rapidly into quality assurance and from there into data analysis, which I still do now. Working full time and commuting by public transport killed my writing though. It wasn’t until lockdown, when we moved abruptly to working from home, that I finally got back into the swing of it. It’s good to be back.