Blowing Off The Cobwebs

It seems somewhat ironic that my last blog post was about how being aimless is dangerous to productivity. I would have sworn it was only a couple of years ago, but apparently it was 7. Clearly I never found that to-do list again.

2021 seems like the time to get back on the horse, but also a strange time to be doing a retrospective. After a year of enforced strangeness, we’re finally starting to creep back to normality and either going back to how things were or trying to start afresh. Personally, I’m hoping to try something a bit different to before. Lockdown brought with it so many opportunities and a different way of living that I’m reluctant to give up now.

At the time of my last blog entry I was looking for a job, but also looking at an office for self-employment, planning a trip to South East Asia and discovering the joys of RPF. I had an amazing trip, did get the office but barely ever used it, and ended up back in full time work a year later. That set me off on a somewhat unexpected journey – I started in customer service and moved rapidly into quality assurance and from there into data analysis, which I still do now. Working full time and commuting by public transport killed my writing though. It wasn’t until lockdown, when we moved abruptly to working from home, that I finally got back into the swing of it. It’s good to be back.

Why Aimless is Dangerous

My to-do list is a behemoth, and currently missing. That’s not a big problem, because almost everything on it is utterly trivial. I’m unemployed, trying to juggle writing with starting a business and also doing job applications and planning a trip to South East Asia, and as a result I’m failing at every single one of them.
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What I’m Working On

It’s Summer, so life has turned up to 11. There’s been morris dancing, I’ve joined a gym, I’ve been doing lots of things to do with Creativity In The Box, I’ve had a job interview…

And not done a lot of writing, I have to confess. I’ve been filling page after page in my journals, but in terms of actual fiction there’s not been that much. I have teased out a plot line in Eyes Down, which is what the Bingo story has become. Temporarily, I insist, because that’s a bit… obvious. Continue reading

Scrapbooking Novels


I’ve had a fun evening putting together a couple of scrapbook pages, and it got me thinking. If I were to do one for my novels, which I will now I’ve thought of it, what would be on them?

The current novel would have stuff about WW2-era starlets, bingo, Art Deco, cocktails and London apartments. The other one would have beer and cider, ghosts and students, pubs and the history of York. My longest running story, and fanfiction that Will Not End, would need several pages of London and Cardiff and Weddings and the Doctor and long distance conversations.

What would be in your story’s scrapbook, or your character’s journal? Should we do an exchange of scrapbook pages?

This is not an easy horse to remount

Blogging is a habit I find it very, very easy to get out of. I make plans too far in advance, and then a couple of days throws them out. A couple of months, and now I can’t even remember what my blogging plan was. There was writing, and there was Tuesday Toolsday, I think? I probably blogged it somewhere. Now I’m staring up at the mountain, wondering how to get back to the base camp I fell from. Don’t worry, though. I have a cunning plan. Continue reading

Advice to a Beginner Writer

This is the latest installment of the blog hop for writers, a day late. Everything is going to be a bit all over the place for a while and writing is just sort of out the window because my main machine is tethered in the room with the wasps and I can’t leave the cat in there without giving him all my attention because he tried to eat the last one he found and that’s how we lost a cat when I was about 10, so no.


So, advice to beginner writers. Number 1: make sure that you’re not going to be cut off from writing by any unforseen circumstances. I can still write, but it is currently a lesser priority than OMG THERES’S WASPS IN MY BEDROOM. Continue reading