The Tools of my Trade

blog-hop-for-writersAs part of Ruth Snyder’s Blog Hop, today’s post is about the things we use for writing. It’s a post I was going to write anyway, so I just saved it a week or so. It was all part of the plan, not me failing to procrastinate in a useful way from my novel writing, you see.

So I had better stop not procrastinating and start… not procrastinating. Continue reading

My favoured resources

The Zero to Hero challenge yesterday was to build a blogroll. I’m really loving Zero to Hero because it’s pushing me to do things I would never have thought of before. The blogroll, for instance, is brilliant, but I had no idea what to do with it. I could link all my other sites, or the people I talk to most on here, or…

Or I could compile a list of my most used and favourite writing resources. So I did that. Continue reading