Going AWOL

I’ve had a productive few days away from the keyboard. I’ve done a bit of interior design, been to Doncaster and accidentally started a business.The task for Tuesday was writing. Writing all the things! I’d managed to organise us so that we didn’t need to leave the house so I could spend the entire day taking up the kitchen table to do a massive spread of post-it notes and spread out all my notes to do lots of writing. That plan failed for three reasons:

  1. We weren’t quite as organised as I thought, and we had to go to the bigger supermarket further away. I didn’t have to go, but I like to take the opportunity to get out of the house and ogle stationery, and I was hoping to go and ogle my favourite stationery just down the road from it.
  2. My mother had has the same idea and filled just over half the table with her work notes.
  3. I looked at my bedroom and had a brainwave.

My bedroom at the moment is a bit of a disaster. It’s been my bedroom since I was 7, although I moved out for four years and came back 6 months ago. It’s not been redecorated in that time, and although it’s surprisingly tasteful for a 7 year old’s room, that’s because it was my mother’s choices. We have very different taste in interior design, it turns out.

I’ve been watching the Great Interior Design Challenge on the BBC (excellent, and gave me far too many ideas) and I was thinking about moving my bookcases so that my bed is behind instead of in front of them. But… what if I moved the bed on top of them?

My room is massive. I’ve got the measurements somewhere but it’s 15′ front to back, 11′ wide and nearly 9′ tall. No one needs that much space, and yet I’ve still managed to completely clutter it. This is partly because of the built in wardrobes, which I don’t currently have the use of (like standing up with a cat, move out of your parental home and your spaces will be filled instantly), partly because there’s just so much furniture in here, most of which isn’t mine.

A line diagram of a bedroom.

The sum total of my artistic talent.

Top left is my desk. I spent a lot of time running around with a tape measure, so it’s all exactly to scale. The line across from the door is going to be the front of a wall of bookcases, and from back wall to edge of door is exactly long enough for a double mattress. No one needs 9′ tall bookcases, especially when they’re only 5’7″, so there’s going to be space above. That’s where the bed is going, with a couple of shelves for storage. There’s a chimney breast on the other side, boxed off in pink, so we can have more storage behind that next to the bed, and underneath is going to be a walk in wardrobe come changing room.

I say ‘is’. I told my mum, whose house it is, after all, and she thought I had gone even more bonkers. It took a lot of measurements and a couple of sketches for her to even understand what I wanted to do. Once we got there, though…

We’ve agreed that her new bedroom comes first, because it’s already been started. But I might yet get the most amazing cabin bed, with a wall of bookcases and masses of office space in the other half of the room.

Moral of this story: don’t leave me alone. I come up with stupid brilliant ideas. Remember, I also accidentally started a business in the last couple of days. More on that when I’m not quite so lost.

5 thoughts on “Going AWOL

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  3. I love the idea of a cabin bed-cum-bookshelf arrangement. Pretty sure I’ve seen a few interior-type blogs with that kind of thing. There was one about bookshelf stairs as well …

      • LOL I can only assume that Pinterest was like your gateway drug to the magical world of interior design blogs.

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